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Jessica Alba Picture Fakes

Jessica Alba is a beautiful actress and would have no problem being a top model because she is gorgeous.I enjoyed making these picture fakes but had to keep stopping a few times while making them because i had to drain my balls to her.Yeah,Jessica has that effect on my cock,i sure love it though.She can give me a hard on any time or day.
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That ass makes you want to cum all over them juicy thighs,don't it?
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Scarlett is one gorgeous celebrity in film and person.So it was only natural that i make some picture fakes of her.She has such nice looking tits and a beautiful figure.Her roll in The Ironman movie was awesome,she had my cock pulsating.But since i watched it at my friends house i had to wait till i got home to milk my cock to her performance.I really need to fined a buddy that i can jack off with while watching movies or just because.These fake pictures came out nice,i hope you all enjoy them.
Fuck yeah,Scarlett looks so dam hot when shes riding and grinding on a cock.I love the way she bites her lower lip when she really grinds down on that cock.
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They look so yummy all swollen like that.I can't help wanting to reach over and give them a squeeze.
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Here's a couple of Scarlett's pictures for you guys to cum or fake.Just let me see them if you do.Enjoy my friends,i sure did.
She looks so sexy in red.

You look beautiful Scarlett,i love your gorgeous smile.

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