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Minh Hang

Minh Hằng’s real name is Lê Ngọc Minh Hằng (born on 22/6/1987 in Ho Chi Minh City), is a Vietnamese singer, actor and also a very sexy girl.

She took part in the art career from the age of 16, sang with a band and joined a TV-serial but she didn’t make stamp. In 2007, after the success of “Gọi giấc mơ về” movie, she got the attention and love from many audience. With a lot of success in music and silver screen after that, she is one of the most promising artist in Vietnam at this time.

In 2008, she was voted as the ” best main actor of the year” at HTV award. Now she has a music album, is also the offical repersentative of Hanco Food, Casio and Cyberword Company.

Một vòng trái đất (2008)

Lyna Tran

Lyna Tran is a Vietnamese model.

Lan Huong

Lan Huong is a Vietnamese super model,she is the winner of the fourth runner-up in the Miss Model of the World Pageant in China.Enjoy the pictures,Lan Huong looks so hot and sexy in the semi-nude pictures.

Lan Huong is a Vietnamese modelshe got two titles: Best in night gown and Miss Photogenic in the Miss Model of the World, held in Shenzhen, China.The success at this pageant has brought some opportunities for Lan Huong. A foreign company invited Huong to work for 3-5 years but she is yet to make a decision. She said she wants to return to Vietnam and think carefully before having the answer.Enjoy the photos of Lan Huong

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