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Selena Gomez Picture Fakes

Mmmmmmm,Selena Gomez.My favorite young celebrity to milk my cock to and I sure love to milk my cock.This little slut has me milking my cock like a stroke nympho and shes only getting sexier as she grows into a sexy adult.Not to mention that she wears less and shows more titty at award shows,mainly because she has a nice pair of titties to show now.I look at her tits and as soon as I see that birth mark on her right boob my cock starts to swell up.So there I go to milk myself again and I love that she can do that to my cock.
Dame Selena,you look so fine.You think I can get a blow-job after the show? "Hum,we'll see!"
That gorgeous teen face makes me want to cum all over you sexy. 

Well here is my latest picture fakes of Selena I made.I hope you guys like.
Selena looks so dame cute in this picture,I just had to throw my cock in there.
That's it Selena,squeeze them titties together.
Oh yeah sexy.I love your yummy curves.
Here's Selena showing her cumed picture that I presented her with.She loved it.

Here's some more gorgeous Selena pictures for you guys to milk your cocks too.Enjoy!
She is absolutely ball draining!
Your so sexy,Id love to cum on your back.
Oh man,we almost had some nipples showing.
Here's Selena's expression when i pulled out my thick cock for her to milk.
Wow,them lips look so gorgeous.Juicy looking body!

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